Top Gun 2

Top Gun Level 2:

Masterís Laparoscopic Skills and Suturing Program

Course Description:
The ultimate test of a surgeonís laparoscopic skill, the purpose of the Masterís Course is to allow those with superior skill in intracorporeal suturing to take the next step: becoming fully ambidextrous while achieving proficiency in troubleshooting algorithms. The final product of this course is a master of Rosserís tenets of laparoscopic suturing who is able to effectively educate and train others. Not only will your skill and talents be pushed to their very limits, but also you will walk away from the course with the ability and motivation to transfer what you have learned to others.

Course Objectives:
Prior to beginning the course, a surgeon must demonstrate superior skill and capability in laparoscopic suturing. They must be able to achieve a score in Level 1 Top Gun skills and suturing with their dominant hand that ranks in the 90th percentile or above. The surgeon must also be able to achieve a score in the 70th percentile or above in Level 1 Top Gun skills and suturing using his or her non-dominant hand.

The next step in the process test the surgeonís ability to maneuver within an extremely limited space while adhering to the Rosser method of intracorporeal suturing. The surgeon must execute as many knots as possible using a 4-inch suture. The final test of skill involves recovery of the suture from the four quadrants of the suturing area, which much then be placed the position of function and tied using both the dominant and non-dominant hands.

In order to effectively pass their knowledge along to others, the surgeon must become proficient in error identification and countermeasure deployment. Once participants have been deemed proficient in Level 3 skills and suturing, they must then diagnose errors in ten separate video clips. They must then provide the appropriate countermeasure to correct the error.

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