Dr. James C. Rosser has extensive experience in telemedical applications and techniques. He is currently teamed up with Stryker Communications teaching a Telemedicine Empowerment Course. For information on the Stryker/AMTI course, please click on the link provided.

What is telemedicine? It is defined by the US Food and Drug Administration as the delivery and provision of healthcare and consultative services to individual patients and the transmission of information related to care, over distance, using telecommunications technologies. Telemedicine incorporates direct clinical, preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic services and treatment; consultative and follow-up services; remote monitoring of patients; rehabilitative services; and patient education.

Dr. Rosserís previous telemedical projects include:

     1. Operation Messiah
     2. Operation Everest
     3. Operation Rainforest
     4. Operation Housecall
     5. Operation Rising Tiger

For more information on the above projects, please click on the links provided.